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Extensive use in accepting materials for wheat flour, feed mill as well as other enterprises. The sieve can protect facilities from breaking down. The rotary sifter has many merits such as high output, less power, simple structure, small place, convenient installing of maintenance and replacing sieve etc. It also can adjust outlet of sieve according to material to achieve the requirement of output and the effect of separation.


The design of an enlarged pulverizing chamber and a screen which is with large area ensures a high efficiency for passing through of the material pulverized. Fully use the impact effects among particles enables a superb pulverizing effect and even fineness of materials pulverized.


The materials can be ground to the fineness 60-100 mesh pass through 85-95%. Rotary swing hammer crushing the material easily with high speed. Good wearness hammer and teeth liner long using life and anti-wear character. Adjustable hammer swing diameter to match different material and also prolong the spare parts lfie. Generally, The hammer using life is about 1200-1500T. The liners life is about 3000-5000T, it is depend on the material component. Unique screen under the hammer not only to increase grinding capacity but also prevent large and weightless fiber from passing through out and then to block the Die bole. To match with sharp air separator ensure the fine powder producing.


The Grinding process is not only to serve extruding and pelleting process but one more important goal is to increase the exchange rate of feed to achieve a higher meat/feed value. Nowadays the sinking pellet material must to reach the fineness 80mesh pass through 90%, the floating expansion material must to teach the fineness 80 mesh pass through 90-97% and 100% pass through 40 mesh to avoid blocking small pellet Die. Vertical Pulverize generally, to equip on the sinking feed process of shrimp or fish. Material particle size can reach to 60-325 mesh passing through 95-99%. Special alloy plate hammer and teeth liner which has good anti-wear character to prolong using life. Generally. Plate hammer life will be 1500-3000T depend on the material component. The Turbo-wheel separator are installed on the top of grinding mill. So, it can easy to adjust particle size as our desired.


High classifying capacity. The classifying range is very wide (4.5-15mm). Adjust particle size without shouting down. Apply in single unit or integrated system. Special seal design for against the powder leakage.


The bag filter is fully automatic and self-cleaning with no internal moving parts. Each unit consists primarily of a series of cylindrical fabric filter elements enclosed in a dust tight housing. Dust laden air is admitted to the housing and cleaning air withdrawn from insider the filter cylinders. As dust accumulates on the filter elements periodic cleaning is accomplished by introduction of time, momentary jets of high-pressure air through a specially designed venturi mounted above each filter cylinder


Fine Power Sifter is suitable for the screening of a large number of single products of fine powder. The screen Frame is made of aluminum alloy, which is light, strong and easy to maintain and replace. The motor, which is driven by a built-in drive frame, can easily adjust the vibration amplitude.


According to twenty years evolve and customer produce experience feedback. The 11th Generation extruder, Furthermore, according to customer requirement that produce Ø0.5-20mm various diameter pellet whatever sinking of floating. Material fat content could reach to 8~10%. Optional pressure ventilator for high quality sinking feed. Optional Anti-Brush damper seat not only prolong the screw life but also increase material maintain time. It is good for some special formula. Durable bearing housing to avoid crash between screw and sleeves.


Length/diameter ratio 15-20. Ø0.8mm diameter pellet. Fat content 18-20%. Good screw self clean. Motor directly driving with high efficiency. Two screw rotate in the same direction with good mixing efficiency.


Adjustable roller mechanism for keep fine gap between roller and dies. Tapered roller bearing used for main shaft that keep the feeds length cutting in uniform. Two motor for low starting power. Two motor make driving pulling force in even that for main shaft running smoothly and avoid bearing wearing at single side. Independent cutter set that easy to adjust feeds length as door opening. Roller surface harden heat treatment and Germany steel for dies using that make it for durable and long using time.


The main body was precisely made of high-class cast iron. The surface was plated with chromate treatment. It is wear proof and abrasion-resisting. The scrapers can be adjusted the bearing is adjustable with auto-lubricating system. The gear reducer can be at variable speed. The contact parts were made of stainless steel with high strength base. It mounted with steam pressure adjustment system. The platform is easy to clean and the operation is easy to work. It can save the power.


The high pressure steam from boiler gets through heat exchanger to produce high temperature of 40°C-130°C for adjustable. It connect with blower with huge sucking force that make the water content of feeds under 8%. The feeds is kept floating on the dryer screen plate that get good drying effects. It is good drying system for fish, eel and other aqua feeds. It has compact size, which requires minimum space. The insulation of dryer can keep the heat and save the power. Low power consumption is required. The main body is a sturdy structure. The temperature and fan pressure can be set depending on real conditions.


The design of the new board dryer, to level down the steam consumption and easy to adjust the big size feeds and sinking feeds drying time getting the best efficiency. The circulative hot air retrieving system and the nets transmitting of the four times to make pellets heating in even, then to extend the dry time. It has precise controls this dry the moisture content. It can choose the PID controller and the throttle controller to reach the best control. (The steam using average 100-150 kg/per feeds ton)


Conditioning drying and cooling multi functions in one machine. Jacket indirect and steam direct steam heating that make pellets temperature in even. Stainless steel use for long using time


Widely use liquid material special on expanding and pelleting produced process. The main purpose of oil coating process is add extra oil and heat sensitive staff coating on the feeds. It is also improve lure flavor and taste to increase the feeds exchange rate. The oil coater is advantaged on precision control of feeds and oil coating volume. Dynamic scaling belt conveyor is option.


Special adaptable, handy and the pellet is uniform. The unique system for shrimp and poultry feeds producing apparatus with large capacity. It runs stable, low noise and the roller with hard coating in the shell that is durable. Inside has by pass valve for selection.


It is the pellet screening. By oscillating, the powdery pellet passes through the multi-layer screen. It is suitable for screen with 100mesh. The pellet is moved up and down and to and forward. The suspended design has low noise and vibration with low horsepower. It has high efficiency and providing sweeping device for easy maintenance and replacing screen.